Introduction to the art of fly fishing

Establish a good basis by enjoying fishing

Wonderful! Amazing! Awesome! FUN, FUN, FUN! I had never held a fly rod. My husband has fished with a fly rod many times...but he had never had instruction before. In our three days of fishing we learned the skills necessary to fish many kinds of water. We fished open waters, fast and slow, waters deep and shallow, waters slick with weeds and waters lined with stones. Ivan taught us the skills to fish waters made difficult by trees and bushes, and reeds. I learned how to 'read' a stream, how to know what the fish are eating so I can choose the appropriate bait, and most importantly how to present a fly so the fish will take interest in it! 
We caught fish everyday, in different waters, using different flies and types of flies. 

Sam and Kimberly Hampton (Kansas, USA)

  • Introduction to Fly Fishing
  • Fly fishing course in the Pyrenees
  • Learning to fly fish
  • Basic course on fly fishing
  • Learn to fly fish
  • Fly fishing Vacation
  • Introduction to Fly Fishing
  • Fly Fishing Course
  • Basic course on fly fishing

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Introduction to Fly FishingFly fishing course in the PyreneesLearning to fly fishBasic course on fly fishingLearn to fly fishFly fishing VacationIntroduction to Fly FishingFly Fishing CourseBasic course on fly fishing




Fly fishing is the most enjoyable way to catch fish. This is a very dynamic programme for learning, enjoying and fly fishing.

The first day you will begin with casting instruction and the other two days, you will apply the casting to the river, you will learn how to identify the natural flies, how to select the fly patterns, how to use the equipment and accessories, how to use different fishing techniques and many other tips, on the river bank.