Fly fishing courses in Europe, Spain

The different skills that make a good fly fisher

What I can say about the courses hosted by Salvelinus Fly Fishing School is that every time I go on one it helps me improve my fly fishing

Fernando Martinez. (Asturias, SPAIN)

Fly fishing courses in the Pyrenees

Fly – fishing courses on rivers and streams

The courses organized by SALVELINUS are a very efficient way to learn the key steps that will enable you to improve from a solid grounding in the different skills that make a good fly – fisher:

  • Casting: the basics
  • Appropriate tackle
  • Basic fly – fishing techniques
  • Entomology
  • Flies and fly tying

Each person on the course is taught the crucial elements of each of these skills with a view to their practical application on all types of waters.

“We have worked for years to analyze, study and pool all the insight and techniques that our guides and instructors have acquired so as to produce the most effective techniques for Spanish waters and thus offer the best instruction at all levels”  

Cursos de pesca a mosca

Through a structured program of tuition covering fishing, casting, entomology and trout habitat SALVELINUS provides fly – fishing courses aimed at the practical application of the course content

Customized fly – fishing courses.

SALVELINUS covers a wide range of courses to cater for all interests, levels and fly – fishing experience. Courses are readily adapted to your requirements.

You can choose from courses that last 1, 2, 3 or 5 days or select a customised course with individual tuition

Casting clinics

Hone your casting skills with instructors who work every day with anglers like yourself. Achieve a first class action that will improve the number and quality of the fish you catch.

Correct mistakes; hone your casting skills through our courses so you can successfully handle any casting situation that you might come across on your fly –fishing forays.

Cursos de pesca a moscaFly tying course

Fish with flies personally tied by you. Learn the tips you need for the different flies that are most used by our guides

Discovering the fly tying secrets of the SALVELINUS experts concerning those flies which have proved to be the most effective. This means that you acquire a really practical approach that will help you improve both as an angler and in the art of tying flies.

Our Introduction to Fly Tying Course will provide you with the skills you need to catch fish



Fly – Fishing Camps for Youngsters

Help youngsters discover a sporting activity based on nature.

This is a very active Fly – fishing Course for Youngsters organized by SALVELINUS. It is based on contact with nature through direct experience of the river, streams and lakes of the Pyrenees in Spain. Youngsters are taught – in direct contact with nature – how to acquire the skills required contributing to catch and release fly – fishing as a sport.

Courses for professional Guides

If your ambition is to become a professional fly fishing guide, the courses run by SALVELINUS are the quickest way to achieve your aim. You will learn all that is required to help you get that first job as a professional guide