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Fishing school in the Pyrenees since 1999

The chance to hike into truly wild fly fishing in spectacular surroundings is something that Salvelinus can provide in abundance. Ivan taught me many skills and techniques that I will keep with me for the rest of my fishing days.

Patrick Senior. (Bristol, UK)

Learning to fly fish with Salvelinus

"SALVELINUS will teach you all the techniques you will ever need to master this fascinating sport"

If you really want to learn fly fishing on rivers and learn the intelligent way to take advantage of the river´s resources, then go for tuition to the fly – fishing instructor – guides at SALVELINUS. They have developed a series of practical courses for beginners, improvers and advanced anglers.

“Courses of proved efficiency and hundreds of satisfied pupils worldwide”

Curso de pescar a mosca

“Fly – fishing courses which are practical and above all effective”

Casting a fly line is one of the skills a fly fisher has to master. There are many casting schools but far fewer fly – fishing schools specifically designed to teach practical fly fishing on streams and rivers. The Salvelinus staff wants you catch more fish!

Fly fishing is not easy to teach nor easy to learn. The participant must see practical techniques useful for catching fish. And the proof of newly learnt skills entails being at the river and catching fish

Better your fishing by learning or improving your skills in one of the practical and value for money SALVELINUS programs

You will enjoy fly – fishing so much more after attending a fly fishing program with SALVELINUS Fly – Fishing School.

The methodology, infrastructure and the experienced and committed staff offer tuition based on:

  • Use of techniques that aimed at practical fishing on the river
  • Maximizing the time and money you put into the program.

Aprender a pescar a mosca

The guarantee from SALVELINUS

If you don´t achieve the goals set out in the program, you can complete it with extra classes at no additional cost.

One of the key parts of fly – fishing is casting with a relatively heavy tapered line. There are various schools of casting. But only a few centres designed so that you can learn fly – fishing and casting on the water.

“The methodology used by SALVELINUS has been endorsed by the success of each course and can be seen through the improvements and testimonials of the many pupils who have come to SALVELINUS centre of instruction in the Pyrenees”

Fly – fishing is not only difficult to learn but hard to teach. If you want to learn to fly – fish, you have to able to see that the techniques applied get results, that is to say, you catch fish. And that means you have to be on the riverbank and catch fish.