Fishing in places, where others have never been

Found! A guide who knows the Pyrenees who can put you on waters where you won´t see another angler all day

The Angling Report. Miami, Florida, USA

Fishing Philosophy

SALVELINUS is fully aware that each person has entrusted them with the desire to have a great fishing trip. Their response is to make sure it is a great holiday:

Our Company philosophy means we always look for the angler´s best options and strive to personalize each guest´s program.


Fishing Philosophy

Finding a great place to fish where you won´t see another angler all day entails constant scouting for new places to fish. A guided service is based on fishing off the beaten track and being able to provide the know how to fish hitherto unfamiliar waters. 

The mission of SALVELINUS ever since the company was founded in 1999 is to find and test trout waters and then guide guests to fish there. 

A Remote Region

The Spanish Pyrenees is considered one of the most pristine regions in Western Europe. Rugged terrain makes getting to trout waters extremely difficult. Their very seclusion is their protection.  Guides from SALELINUS have explored  more than 70 canyons and their rivers and have selected fish – catching waters..

Thanks to a permanent workforce of guides keeping tabs on over 1500 miles (2500 km) of rivers SALVELINUS knows where and when the best fish rise.

SALVELINUS has scouted- up to now - more than 400 mountain lakes on foot and has chosen the twelve best.

Pioneers in Fishing in the Mountains

SALVELINUS is a pioneer of these services and has a professional team of guides to guarantee the quality of these programs

Satellite coverage

Satellite coverage for mobile phone provides added safety factor when fishing remote waters with SALVELINUS.

“Ivan and the rest of the folks at Salvelinus provided a first-class fishing experience that will serve as the standard by which all my future excursions are judged.  Several weeks before I arrived, Ivan contacted me to inquire about the types of fishing conditions I was looking for, and I really appreciated the fact that he sought my input and wanted to tailor our outings to my preferences”

Sean O'Connor. Petroleum Geologist (Bakersfield, California, USA)