A Guided journey with SALVELINUS

Guided journeys in Navarre, Aragón, Catalonia and Andorra

You understood perfectly what we were hoping for: a unique fly fishing experience for my husband that would take his age and abilities into account and a unique outdoors experience for me, allowing me to accompany the two of you, walk and admire stunning landscapes, wild blue irises and golden broom, without roughing it too much…You could drive us close to the streams and lay out a hearty picnic lunch as if we were in our very own garden!

Ana and Gib Snow. Oxford. Maryland. USA

Personalized Fishing Adventures

Personalized Fishing Adventures in Selected Waters

Prior to arrival SALVELINUS will have conferred with the client concerning his/her requirements during the fishing trip. This input helps the company recommend which area of the Pyrenees is best suited to the angler´s needs.

A typical day at the lodge begins with a warming cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast. We can also pack a mid-morning snack for those who get a little peckish later on! Then off to the fishing spot.

Planning Each Day´s Fishing

Day´s FishingWaters are chosen on the basis of:

  • The time of year
  • Catch results of the preceding 15 days
  • The water level
  • Prevailing weather conditions and weather forecast
  • Ease of accessibility 
  • Species and size of the target fish
  • Technical ability of the guest
  • The guest’s level of physical fitness
  • Type of fishing the guest prefers
  • Presence of non anglers accompanying the angler

Constant fine-tuning of each program is carried out on the basis of fishing conditions and the angler´s requirements.

The head guide works jointly with each guide to draw up an initial plan of activity plus two back up programs. Once the angler has explained what he wants the guides revise and adjust the plans as required. 

Daily Fishing Sessions

Daily Fishing SessionsAs a general rule, each day´s fishing is split into two sessions (not necessarily in the same river; one in the morning and the other in the afternoon/evening) 

SALVELINUS also caters for anglers who prefer a single day - long session with no midday break.

Summer provides us with the chance of fishing at dusk when there are very productive hatches. Then back to the lodge at mid afternoon, some refreshments, an early dinner and then return to the river.

March, April, early May and from late September until November mean shorter days and fishing is best done in a single day – long session

Every session is unique, and challenging!