The waters for fly fishing in Spain

More than 1500 Miles of rivers and hundreds of lakes for wild trout fishing

The variety of the waters covers a huge spectrum from small creeks, to high mountain streams, pocket water to big rivers, and a variety of different lakes

Sean O´Connor (California, USA)

Rivers and fishing lakes in the Pyrenees

Fishing locations are chosen by the Head Guide at SALVELINUS from the more than 1500 miles of rivers and streams and the hundreds of lakes scattered across the region. 

Testing each location and choosing the best time to fish is the key to success.

Ríos y lagos de pesca

Each valley has its own personality. Each part of the river born high up in the mountains is very different. The head waters with fast flowing waters and boulder strewn stream beds, the middle stretches – easier to fish with pools, rapids and pools. The 100 yards wide lower stretches with their deep pools.

Pyrenean rivers are from 12 to 125 miles long

Every pool, every current has its own personality, every possible feeding location, every possible lie has its own special characteristic.These food rich waters breed feisty trout that more often than not surprise the angler leaving him staring at a snapped tippet. 

Trout of all sizes can be caught because the trout population is balanced; it contains the appropriate proportion of age and size.  This is true of nearly all the waters SALVELINUS accesses.