The extensive area

Where to go fishing in the Pyrenees of Spain

The rivers of the Spanish Pyrenees, while being varied in style, all have the common theme of challenging wild trout in spectacular surroundings

Patrick Senior (Bristol, UK)

The extensive area of the Pyrinees
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The Pyrenees is home to innumerable rivers and glacial lakes

The Pyrenees extends for about 267 miles from the Bay of Biscay in the west to the Mediterranean Sea on the eastern coast of the peninsula. They are about 100 miles wide in the central area

Wild and unspoiled, the Pyrenees is home to innumerable rivers and glacial lakes populated with wild trout.

The Pyrenees Mountains


You will find a massive territory, impressive mountains, stunning scenarios and friendly people.

The southern slopes of the Pyrenees include Navarre, the province of Huesca in Aragon and the provinces of Lleida and Gerona in Catalonia.

The small tax-free country of Andorra is between Spain and France.

The northern slopes of the Pyrenees extend from Aquitaine on the Atlantic coast to Rosellón in the eastern Pyrenees.


After several years of studying both sides of the Pyrenees, SALVELINUS opted for the southern or Spanish side. The choice was based on diversity of waters, climate and the local authorities´ support for catch and release.

Fly Fishing in the Spanish Pyrenees

For those thinking of planning a fishing holiday in the Pyrenees, the most interesting areas for trout are on the southern slopes, in north-eastern Navarre, northern Aragon and north-western Catalonia.

The western part of this extensive area is considered one of the most pristine areas in Western Europe. There are very few areas in the world with such an enormous variety of climates, altitudes and landscapes than this region.

SALVELINUS operates from two different bases so as to cover locations in both the western and eastern Pyrenees.


The Pyrenees include peaks over 10,000 feet: Aneto (3.404 m), Posets (3.375 m), Monte Perdido (3.355 m) and Vignemale (3.298 m), small glaciers, lakes and cirques of glacial origin and a tremendous range of valleys and canyons.

There are the impressive granite ridges of Maladetas and Balaitus, the deep valleys of Ordesa National Park and the extensive native forests of the western valleys of Ansó, Echo and Aragüés, where our Santa Cilia Fishing Lodge is located.