Club Waters in Spain

Fishery management in Spain & Andorra

Club Waters in Spain

Club Waters in SpainThe regional administration and the fishing clubs are responsible for fisheries management.

All anglers have to acquire the regional license for the area they are going to fish in (Aragón, Navarre or Catalonia) because there is no national fishing licence in Spain.

Andorra has a national fishing licence.

Local fishing associations manage many of the best stretches of water. These waters are called “cotos de pesca” and are between 3 to 30 km long. Those anglers who want to fish these waters have to acquire a day ticket apart from the regional license and the number of permits issued per day is limited. Day tickets are nominal and non-transferable. 

Each of these club managed waters has different regulations concerning how fish may be caught, closed season dates and those days when fishing is allowed.

Permits are often put on sale many months before the opening day of the season so anglers are advised to book their angling holidays well in advance. Anglers can then receive their permits on the day of their arrival

The all-inclusive programs organized by SALVELINUS cover the cost of permits and day tickets for those club managed trout waters selected by SALVELINUS as part of their fishing programs.

SALVELINUS will process the application for day tickets and fishing permits to be issued to the angler. A copy of the angler´s passport is required so SALVELINUS can successfully complete the application process.