History of Fly Fishing in Spain


Pyrenees is an ancient land: provinces like Huesca, in Aragón, or Lleida, in Catalonia, constitute "terra incognita" for the average tourist, which is unfortunate, since these are some of the most historic regions of Spain.

History of Fly Fishing in Spain
  • The kingdom of Aragon

  • Fernando Basurto

  • Juan de Bergara

The old Kingdom of Aragon included many regions (See map). The word “Aragon” comes from a language far older than the 13th century B. C. Celtic tongue and it means "region of water courses". This gives the visitor an idea of the region’s close ties with the waters of the Pyrenees. Thousand-year old traditions, a product of this region’s long history, have created a rich cultural heritage set in an extraordinary variety of landscapes.

A Brief History of Fly Fishing in Spain

Fly-fishing traditions probably existed in Spain for centuries. In the Spanish Pyrenees, in the town of Jaca, lived one of the very first fly fishing writers in modern history: Fernando Basurto.

Fernando Basurto's Dialogue between a Hunter and an Angler published in Zaragoza (Spain) in 1539, mentions a tried and proven series of fly-fishing techniques well known in his lifetime.