Hemingway in the Pyrenees

The Sun Also Rises: FIESTA, Ernest Hemingway

What could be better than spending a summer in Paris and then travelling to the north of Spain to experience the fiesta of the Sanfermines and fly-fish in the rivers of the Pyrenees? For Hemingway, in the 1920s, there was nothing better.

Hemingway in the Pyrenees

It is quite rightly claimed that a lot of the fame of the Sanfermines is due to one of Ernest Hemingway’s best novels: “The Sun Also Rises” (known in Spain by its alternative title: “Fiesta”)

He also lovingly described the river Irati where he fished for trout. Hemingway chose the Pyrenees and the north east of Spain because something in the area appealed to him. Perhaps it was the landscape, the scenery that captured his heart.

The team that makes up SALVELINUS are experts in fly-fishing the Pyrenees and they can show the angler a vision of life in the Pyrenees that only those who have spent most of their life there can do. They can help the angler feel –like Hemingway– that special feeling that you experience only in the Pyrenees.

The sun also rises: Fiesta

Is there a better way to start a summer than in Paris, followed by a trip to the north of Spain to live the Sanfermines and then fly fish in the rivers of the Pyrenees? Well, for the Hemingway of the 1920s there was not.

Many critics believe Ernest Hemingway wrote one of his best novels and certainly one of his most popular in America. The book helped spread the fame of the Sanfermines fiestas.

Ava Gardner played the role of Lady Brett Ashley perfectly in the 1957 film version. Hemingway had created one of the most fascinating women in 20th century American literature, and one of his finest creations. The twice-divorced Lady Brett Asley represented the liberated New Woman.

The future Pulitzer Prize winner who went on to be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature chose Spain as the setting for several novels. His choice of the Sanfermines fiestas as an essential part of one of his best novels was a far from random decision. His love of fly fishing in general and his opinion that the best fly fishing in Europe was in Spain led him to twice describe the Irati River as a trout fishing paradise in the Pyrenees.

Hemingway didn´t choose the Pyrenees and the north-east of Spain on the spur of the moment. He did so because there was something special about the place.

It was something he felt, something he saw, that appealed to him, it was the landscape, the scenery and the magic of the Pyrenees in the north east of Spain that captivated him.

It is has often been said that the book, written in 1926, reflects a Spain that no longer exists. However, there is a passion and intensity of feeling, a certain magic the region provides. Perhaps that very magic can also be felt in Woody Allen´s blockbuster “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” Also set in the north of Spain. The film was awarded a Golden Globe and star Penélope Cruz won an Oscar for her outstanding performance.

Hemingway´s and Allen´s works are set very close to the Pyrenees. Moreover, many critics have remarked on the similarity between Hemingway´s Pedro Romero and Allen´s Juan Antonio González as portrayed by Javier Bardem.

Fly-Fishing in the Pyrenees is a lot of more than fishing with a fly on the end of your line. You will feel the difference once you have spent some time with us,. We find our clients from all around the world become more and more enthusiastic the longer they fish with us.

Everybody in the SALVELINUS Fly-Fishing in Spain throughout the Pyrenees team are experts in their specific task and want to show you what real life in the Pyrenees is like. Life as lived by the local people from the north east of Spain who SALVELINUS has the privilege of working with.

Many discerning readers of “The Sun Also Rises” soon realize what Hemingway´s characters felt and see the locations they fish with us through his eyes.

Perhaps Hemingway’s masterpiece is not so much about loving the running with the bulls in the Sanfermines but more about feeling as he did in such peerless places like Paris, Pamplona and especially that magical place where we enjoy the privilege of operating; the Pyrenees of Spain.