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Cultural traditions and the charm of its inhabitants

The mountain range of The Pyrenees is much more than a succession of beautiful landscapes and nature. You can also find ancient cultures of great character where history and mythology often blend.

Pyrenees Fishing Trip
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Discover the cultural traditions and the charm of its inhabitants in Navarre, Aragon, Catalonia and Andorra

... the Pyrenees are much more than a string of mountains, landscapes and nature. They are the cradle of former cultures, a place where history and mythology fuse together.

Starting in the west – the Basque Country. Visit Bilbao and San Sebastián. Then on to Navarre

Pamplona. The capital of Navarre is a provincial city steeped in history with an extensive historic centre encircled by high-rise suburbs. It is always an interesting place, even more so during the ecstatic revelry of its annual fiesta, the incomparable San Fermín..

The Pyrenees of Navarre

The hills and mountains in the north of Navarre are in turn divided into different areas: from the Atlantic Pyrenees to the west, the Pyrenean valleys with their gorges, and the Irate Forest of beech trees (the second-largest in Europe). All are crossed by trout waters..

The Pyrenees of Aragon

The Pyrenees of AragonThis is the central region of Spanish Pyrenees in Huesca, in the northern area of Aragon.  

The River Ebro and its tributaries are the main river system of Northern Spain. The total population of the region is around 1 million. About 650,000 live in the capital, Zaragoza/Saragossa. This means that the overall density of population in Aragon is very low.

In the mountainous northern province of the region, Huesca there are only some 20 inhabitants per square mile; there are extensive areas of wild, unspoilt countryside crossed by rivers and streams and dotted with lakes and tarns for anglers to enjoy.

Zaragoza is the capital of Aragón. It is on the main route from Madrid to Barcelona. Both cities are only 90 minutes by high speed train from Zaragoza.


The Pyrenees of Catalonia & Andorra

The Noguera Ribagorzana river is the border between the Spanish regions of Aragón and Catalonia. (Site of the La Ribagorza Lodge.) Nearby is the Aigües Tortes y Sant Maurici National Park. A countryside of more rivers and valleys spreads across the eastern Pyrenees and includes the small independent country of Andorra. 

A small landlocked country, Andorra is located in the eastern Pyrenees surrounded by Spain and France. It covers 470 square kilometers with an estimated population of almost 89,000. Its capital is Andorra la Vella. A prosperous country mainly because of tourism and its status as a tax heaven.

Going east from Andorra you reach the Mediterranean.

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and has become Europe's most popular short break destination thanks to its superb location on the Mediterranean, its vibrant street life, fascinating Gaudi architecture, superb cuisine and its world famous football team.