Fly Fishing in the Pyrenees of Spain: Navarre, Aragon, Catalonia and Andorra

What is fly fishing like in the Pyrenees of Spain with SALVELINUS?

The variety of waters and species, with the knowledge of the environment is a heady combination at SALVELINUS.

Iván Tarín (Huesca,Spain)

 “We caught big rainbows and browns on ants in crystal clear rivers that looked just like large spring creeks, and lively brookies on grasshoppers in a tumbling high mountain streams”

Ian Mclean (ORVIS, UK)

Experience the unspoiled nature of Spain’s Pyrenees where crystal clear waters teem with wild trout.  You’ll have access to more than 60 rivers –1.500 miles– and 180 lakes all within easy driving distance of our two lodges. Salvelinus features comfortable accommodation, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and Spain’s famous Rioja wines. It’s the perfect trip for couples blending first-rate fly fishing with Old World charm.

Come as a guest... return as a friend.

SALVELINUS has organized fly fishing tours and expeditions in the Pyrenees of northern Spain since 1999.

SALVELINUS takes its task seriously; all the effort put into each adventure is to live up to what the guest wants out of a fishing holiday.

Testimonials from satisfied guests underline SALVELINUS hospitality and employees’ expertise.

"The region we fish in the Pyrenees encompasses dozens of rivers and lakes, rugged mountain vistas, stunning scenery, and friendly locals. It’s like no other place on earth"

Discover new valleys, superb rivers, streams & creeks, centuries old castles, villages and monasteries

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Fly Fishing in the Pyrenees of Spain

We fish a whole range of trout waters found at altitudes from 200 (600 feet) to 2.400 metres (7.200 feet) above sea level

  • High Mountain Streams: fast riffles & pocket waters that are home to trout between 10 to14 inches long.
  • Middle Mountain Streams & lower reaches: studded with pools, flats and runs with trout between 12 to 20 inches long.
  • High Mountain Lakes: perfect for sight fishing from the bank for trout between 16 to 22 inches long.
  • Tail Waters and Lakes: rich waters where you just might hook the trout of a lifetime