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Waters Fly Fishing in Patagonia

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Transfers from one location to another are time consuming so it is vitally important for the guest to explain what type of fishing scenery he wants.

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Rios de media montaña en la Patagonia

Mid mountain rivers

Midsized rivers with runs, glides and pools that are easy to wade as the average depth rarely exceeds three feet. Ideal for those anglers who appreciate how and where to catch fish rather than the size of the trout caught.

There are many of these rivers of this type where the average length of the trout ranges from14 to 22 inches

High Mountain Rivers

These are far from common in Patagonia. SALVELINUS has located a few rivers of this type, which are home to populations of trout, which weigh from 2 to 6 pounds.

These are rivers with fast upper courses and that have pools and runs where anglers fish with very little line out on the water, constantly prospecting the waters.

Adventure fishing for very fit anglers who are in excellent physical shape. If an angler fulfils these conditions and wants to fish in places, which very few others have ever seen, then contact SALELINUS for more information about fishing the last frontier in Patagonia.

These rivers are generally found in high mountain areas so access is far from easy and requires a trek of several hours either on horseback or on foot.

Rios de llanura para la pesca en la Patagonia

Flat rivers

Comfortable wading waters with long glides and pools summarize angling in the lower stretches of many mountain rivers. The average depth varies from 2 to 6 feet.

"Those interested in fishing flat rivers should inform SALVELINUS and the organization will suggest different programs that will cater for his interest. !

Floating lines and dries are the most effective.