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  • National Park: Torres del Paine

  • Atacama desert

  • Viña del Mar and the Casablanca Valley

This park – situated in the XII Region of Magellan and the Chilean Antarctic (Región XII de Magallanes y Antártica Chilena) was created in 1959 and is an integral part of National Network of Protected Wildlife Areas of Chile, (Sistema Nacional de Áreas Silvestres Protegidas del Estado de Chile) 

Parque NacionalIn 1978 UNESCO declared the park a Biosphere Reserve.  This means it forms an integral part of the representative areas of the different world ecosystems and which serve as a model for measuring mankind´s impact on nature.

Within the National Park there is a private ranch or “estancia” the Estancia Privada Cerro Paine a cattle ranch that covers almost 11,000 acres. Apart from livestock it has a hotel, a restaurant and a campsite. 

“Be impressed by the stunning Torres del Paine”

The Torres del Paine, is open all year round and is administered by CONAF (Corporación Nacional Forestal,

There are three main points of access: the Amarga Porter´s Lodge which is 80 miles from Puerto Natales, Sarmiento Lake Porter´s Lodge which is 70 miles from Puerto Natales and the Serrano Lake Porter´s Lodge 50 miles from Puerto Natales (a new and shorter road)

Opening hours: 8:30 to 20:00