The weather in patagonia

The sea, wind and mountains

 Microclimate with mild temperatures throughout the year, cold climate on the coast and the cold climate on the steppes...

The climate in Patagonia

The sheer size of Patagonia causes important differences in the climate.

To start off with, Patagonia is really two different worlds depending on what side of the Andes you are. This separation seriously affects rainfall.

Clima en la PatagoniaThe further south one goes in Patagonia the more extreme the climate.

Generally speaking it is windy and dry on the steppes. The Pampa is a good example of this climate.

It tends to rain more on the coast. However, heavy rains can be encountered in all Patagonia.

Spring is rainy and summer is drier and windier. Temperatures drop considerably in autumn although you often enjoy sunny days without a trace of wind depending on where you are.


The best thing is to be ready for rain, winds and the cold, although the weather is very good in January and February.