Jurassic Tour

The best wild rainbow trout fishery in the world

Jurassic Lake is a step back in time where fishing is how it should be…fantastic!

John Shakour (Arizona, USA)

  • Fishing trip to Jurassic Lake
  • Fly fishing on Lake Jurassic
  • Fishing trip to Lake Estrobel
  • Rainbow Trout Fishing in Patagonia
  • Fly Fishing in Jurassic Lake
  • Fly Fishing lake trout Estrobel
  • Rainbow Trout fishing in Patagonia
  • Fly Fishing Lake Estrobel
  • Fly Fishing for rainbow trout in Patagonia

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Fishing trip to Jurassic LakeFly fishing on Lake JurassicFishing trip to Lake EstrobelRainbow Trout Fishing in PatagoniaFly Fishing in Jurassic LakeFly Fishing lake trout EstrobelRainbow Trout fishing in PatagoniaFly Fishing Lake EstrobelFly Fishing for rainbow trout in Patagonia
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The renowned Lake Strobel, Jurassic Lake is a destination that has to be visited at least once in a lifetime. It is difficult to imagine the average weight of the trout that live in these waters and the numbers of trophy trout caught. This is what makes it the world´s best destination to fish rainbow trout.

To make sure all the hotspots are covered a tour has been organized which includes fishing with the two best fishing operations established in the Strobel area and with direct access to all the waters available in the area.