Jurassic Lake

Do you want to catch the fish of a lifetime on your next trip to Patagonia?

The fishing was fantastic. The installations and meals were magnificent. I caught four of the best rainbows of my life, including the trophy of a lifetime

Guy Schoenborn (Colorado, USA)

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Estrobel Lake fishing in PatagoniaFishing in Jurassic Lake in PatagoniaTrout fishing in PatagoniaFishing trip to PatagoniaFishing Tour to PatagoniaFishing trips to PatagoniaFishing trip in Jurassic LakeTrout fishing in Jurassic LakeLodge de pesca a la Patagonia
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The world famous Lake Strobel also known as Jurassic Lake covers 40 square miles (27 000 acre – 10 000 Ha.) and provides excellent conditions for the growth and size of the trout that inhabit its waters. For many, Lake Strobel is the place to fish for the world´s best rainbow trout.

The lodge that SALVELINUS has chosen is on private property. Guests thus have access to some lagoons on the property plus fishing on 5 miles of the River Barrancoso.