The fishing guides

Fly fishing guides for trout and salmon in Patagonia

A thousand thanks for your attention during our stay in Patagonia. You make a great team and it was a fantastic experience sharing those days with you

Ramón Sainz de Vicuña (Madrid, Spain)

Team guides

Do you want to fish where others have never been?

Iván Tarín is a very experienced professional fly fishing guide. He first started guiding professionally in 1999 and has spent many years working in the Pyrenees and Patagonia. His guided fly fishing trips enjoy well – deserved prestige amongst other professionals.

Equipo de guías de pescaIvan´s experience has been very important when it comes to choosing the most appropriate fly fishing guides for your fishing trip in Patagonia.

The following points are essential when choosing a guide to work on SALVELINUS fly fishing trips: 

  • Knowing the area.
  • Guiding ability 
  • Ability to communicate. 
  • Ability to choose the best location based on the needs of each angler
  • Professional experience
  • How he is rated by other guides
  • Fly fishing skills
  • Willingness to help others
  • Commitment.
  • Personality

Iván Tarín spends each fishing season in Chile and Argentina seeking out guides that meet the requirements set out above.

“Local guides who are enthusiastic about their job, Do you want to share our passion?"

Pesca de guías

In each of the fishing destinations we are accompanied by professionally qualified guides who really know the areas where we operate.

SALVELINUS also has 2 travel agents Manuel R. and Alejandro V. who specialize in fishing trips. Both of them are highly experienced, one in Chile and his colleague in Argentina. Both of them help SALVELINUS in its constant search for new destinations and guides. They often accompany SALVELINUS on some of the trips to Patagonia.