Are you looking for guarantees for your fishing trip to Patagonia?

Many thanks for the opportunity to go on this trip I can assure you that out of the four times I have been in Patagonia, these are the best destinations I have visited. They are special”

Enrique Aguado. Director of Trofeo Pesca Magazine. SPAIN

guarantee trip

Are you seeking a genuine fishing trip? 

SALVELINUS offers selected fishing adventures in Patagonia and can offer all the guarantees, SALVELINUS works on site throughout each fishing season in Argentina and Chile looking for new:

"You inquire, SALVELINUS recommends"

Viajes de pesca a la Patagonia seguros

Your fishing trip can be chosen from among 14 options based on your preferences:

  • Group or individual trip
  • Big, medium or small rivers
  • Exclusively certain fly fishing techniques
  • Large numbers of trout or trophy fish or both options
  • Trout or salmon or both options
  • Sea - run trout, resident trout or both options
  • Wading or float fishing or both options
  • Minimum walking to location walking distance no problem
  • Accommodation in lodges, cabins or base camps
  • Just anglers or anglers accompanied by non – anglers

Fishing Tours 

You will travel to Patagonia and fish various different locations, really getting to know the charm of this part of the world and experiencing the diversity of scenery and fishing locations.

Fishing trips of 12 to 14 days fishing 2 different areas in the same itinerary.

The most interesting combination of dates and places to fish are:

  • Wading and dry fly fishing for trout
  • Sight fishing for trout and salmon
  • Fishing for trophy fish

Travelling around in this area entails driving on secondary roads and dirt tracks to reach the best fishing lodges. Each lodge operates in its local area of influence.nce.

In order to combine fishing in different areas, SALVELINUS guests will stay in different types of accommodation for anglers in the heart of each of the areas chosen. Accommodation ranges from:  

  • Lodges.
  • Cabins.
  • And/or waterside base camps.

Transfer times between areas which SALVELINUS combines vary considerably depending on each tour but as a general rule are no longer than 3 hours.

The fishing guides chosen for these areas are fishing on their home waters.

The species and average size of the fish caught vary, depending on the tour and dates chosen.  Each tour is designed with a specific aim in mind:

  • Only dry fly for brown trout from 2 to 4 pounds
  • Trout and big king salmon over 50 pounds
  • Rainbow trout over 7 pounds
  • Fishing and photo safari in Argentina and Chile on the same tour

Fishing lodges: Customized Programs

SALVELINUS offers the angler the opportunity to design a fishing program with one of the lodges that the company works with.

The angler can choose – from October to April - when to fish brown trout, rainbows and king salmon..

Fishing Expeditions

SALVELINUS has always worked on the basis of taking anglers to where nobody has been before. That is why SALVELINUS chose Patagonia because even today there are many unexplored waters.

Expeditions depart in search of waters, which have never seen an artificial fly.

"Imagine crossing the mountains and you hear a gaucho say you are the first “tourist” to do so. Well that adds a special plus to a fishing trip. "

These expeditions last from 6 to 12 days and members of the expedition spend the nights under canvas or in cabins. The expedition relies on off road vehicles, horses and /or boats for transport.

Garantías viaje de pescaTravelling takes up a considerable part of the expedition´s time, far more than would be the case on a more conventional fishing trip and this should be taken into consideration when thinking of booking a fishing expedition.

There is of course a whole series of plans designed for rescue in case of emergency and satellite telephone coverage is 100%. Nevertheless the expedition is normally so far from the nearest outpost of civilization that if a serious accident occurs there just might not be enough time for a successful evacuation.

SALVELINUS has planned several adventure expeditions to remote areas. SALVELINUS has limited the option of taking part in an expedition to the one, which combines accommodation in lodges/cabins/tents. Risks are thus minimized in case of severe weather. There is always a base to operate from and to stay at if ill health or an accident happens. The guest can therefore opt for completing part of the program.