Fly Fishing Regions in Patagonia

 World famous for fly fishing

Regions for fly fishing in Patagonia

Patagonia is a region situated in the southernmost part of South America. Politically speaking, the eastern part belongs to Argentina and the western part is Chilean.

“Discover the wide variety of waters to fish in that Patagonia offers”

Patagonia is, without doubt one of the world´s most renowned fly fishing destinations. Although Patagonia is a region and not a country in itself, fishing in the Chilean Patagonia is different to fishing in the Argentinean part of Patagonia.

Pesca en la Patagonia chilena

Fly Fishing regions in Patagonia in Chile

Chilean Patagonia extends from Valdivia to the Strait of Magellan or Cape Horn. It includes the following regions: 

  • The recently created XIV region of rivers (XIV región de los ríos)
  • The X region of lakes ( la X región de los lagos)
  • The XI region of Aysén of General Carlos Ibañez del Campo (la XI región de Aysén de General Carlos Ibañez del Campo
  • The XII region of Magallanes and the Chilean Antarctic 

Patagonia in Argentina, where to fly fish

Patagonia in Argentina extends from the Colorado and Barrancas rivers down to Tierra del Fuego. If we map out the fly fishing area, we would refer to an area that goes from the National Park of Lanin in northern Patagonia to the Parque Nacional (National Park) of Tierra del Fuego in southern Patagonia.

Pesca Patagonia Chilena

  • Northern Patagonia:  covers the provinces of Río Negro and Neuquén but most people would add the south of the provinces of Buenos Aires, Mendoza and La Pampa. It is the area with most population, the most fertile and with the mildest climate.
  • Southern Patagonia: covers the provinces of Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego. Conditions are not the most favourable for human settlement: harsh climate, impoverished soils, lack of railroads and precarious roads which hinder efficient transport.

Taking into account the size of Argentinean Patagonia and the variety of waters to fish in, it is perhaps more logical to classify the area in terms of fishing rather than follow the official division

  • Northern Patagonia Neuquén y Río Negro
  • Central Patagonia Chubut
  • Southern Patagonia Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego