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When fishing in Patagonia

Because of the major differences between the areas where SALVELINUS takes clients, excellent fishing depends on the time of the year and the destination chosen.

Temporada pesca Patagonia

Start of the Fishing Season

This is an excellent time to catch near trophy size in some of the rivers and lakes of Patagonia as it coincides with rainbows just before spawning.

The locations fished by SALVELINUS features rivers and streams with low water levels and this provides superb opportunities for sight fishing with streamers, nymphs and dry flies because there are many productive hatches.

The weather is cold and it snows in some areas.


End of spring: End of November to the End of December. 

Fishing for brown trout starts to pick up depending on the area chosen. Fish with streamers or dry fly depending on the weather. It can be very rainy or not – you never know the weather you are going to find in Patagonia. It certainly gets windier.

Summer: End of December to the middle of March.

Pesca en la PatagoniaClients now fish for brown trout and rainbow trout in fresh lakes and rivers. These waters were dirtier and higher. Now they are cleaner and clearer and the water level has dropped.


This is the time of the year when trout tend to surface feed. As general rule large attractor foam flies or terrestrial imitations are the most effective. This is also the time for productive dragonfly hatches.

An excellent moment –from the beginning of December to the end of February– to catch king salmon.

This is the driest time of the year; however, rain and cold are no strangers to the area even at this time of the year. The wind is a typical all year round feature of the steppes.

End of the Season: late March to April 30 (May in some waters)

The end of March is a good time for fishing, and if there are no heavy rains an angler can enjoy superb dry fly fishing especially if it rained a lot in January and February.

April and the beginning of May are the best time to catch brown trout and rainbows in the tributaries of the big rivers and lakes prior to spawning.

Streamers are very effective in catching trout over six pounds.