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A wide variety of flies

Fishing in Patagonia is characterized by the variety of places to fish in and the variety of the species to be found in its waters.

"Tell us how and what you would like to fish and we will recommend a fishing trip for you."

Depending on which part of the fishing season our trip is taking place in, the spot we will be fishing and the weather of the previous weeks we will use different types of fly – fishing.

Técnicas de pesca en la Patagonia

There are many rivers, streams and creeks which are perfect for wading and dry fly fishing with 4 or 5 weight floating lines. Small terrestrials and attractor flies are more than enough to enjoy yourself and catch large numbers of fish. Action packed fun fishing!

Fishing with tandem rigs – dry fly plus a nymph is very popular on some waters but hardly used in those waters where the main source of food for fish does not come from the river bed.

Fishing with two nymphs on a specially adapted leader with little or no fly line being used is hardly ever practiced in Patagonia due to the success of other techniques especially with attractor flies.

However, there are certain streams with a lot of “white water”   in some areas of Chile and Argentina where this technique has proved to be very effective.

Fishing with sight indicators over a nymph is often used to present the fly at a distance. Drag is a problem in this situation as is how the nymph is presented.

Float trips cover large rivers. Anglers use rods that handle 6/7 weight sink tip lines and using large lures or streamers; a very typical technique in Patagonia. This technique is especially suitable for those areas where trophy size trout migrate from lakes to rivers towards the end of the season.

If you are looking for the trout of a lifetime, then a lure or a streamer fished from a float trip or by wading is the solution both in stillwaters and rivers. However, you could be in for a big surprise as trophy trout often take dragonflies and large terrestrials on the surface.

Large terrestrials dressed in the Chernobyl ant style are a fundamental pattern in all of Patagonia. Depending on the waters being fished and the wind conditions they are fished with 5 to 8 weight lines. Most anglers use WF 6 lines with short front tapers designed for casting heavy flies.

Stalking visible trout in spring creeks or in stillwaters – especially lakes and lagoons is yet another fishing style used in Patagonia. A really first class style of fishing enjoyed by the most discerning anglers.

Streamers or lures in conjunction with 10 to 12 weight sink tip lines are used for salmon fishing. The destinations chosen are well known for stalking visible fish. Spotting a pod of salmon all weighing between 40 to 70 pounds is a really emotional moment not apt for those with a weak heart!