Fishing Species. Patagonia chilean and argentina

Patagonia is home to a wide variety of waters

Waters for everyone, now home to many species of Salmonidae

Iván Tarín (Huesca, Spain)

Species fishing in Patagonia
  • Brown trout


  • Rainbow Trout


  • King Salmon


  • Other Species

Brown trout (Salmo trutta)

Trucha farioBrown trout have adapted perfectly to Patagonian waters. Brown trout in Patagonian waters don´t all share the same markings and colors. This is due the fact that at the beginning of the nineteenth century trout were stocked from different genetic backgrounds 

Those trout that reach trophy size do so because they feed almost exclusively on other fish including other brown trout. 

In Patagonia brown trout can reach up to 22 pounds. Spawning takes place normally during the end of April and the beginning of May. During spawning the typical markings and color of trout become more vivid.