Our philosophy of guiding

Fly fishing guides in Patagonia: Chile and Argentina

The truth is that we have brought back some fantastic memories of our trip. Congratulations on the organization of our fishing trip. It was outstanding!

Fernando Dominguez de Posada Muñoz (Madrid,Spain)

Fishing philosophy

Search, know it well, and guide.

Filosofia de pescaThe SALVELINUS guiding program is based on seeking out places to fish where no other angler has fished. But fishing in trout rich waters where the trout may never have seen an artificial fly before just doesn´t happen by chance. It is the result of hard work that has gone into scouting distant waters. Many of these locations are way off the beaten track.

Then and only then does SALVELINUS add these places to the list of destinations, which mean the chance of the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Once found, these locations must be thoroughly tested to discover the best points of access, the most appropriate flies and the best dates for fishing the waters with the local guides..

SALVELINUS guide services feature:

  • Attention to every detail 24 hours a day. Our guides will make sure your meals are great; you rest enough and can thus fish in the best locations on the basis of the most favourable weather conditions
  • Service:  SALVELINUS guests have entrusted us with the time they have set aside for a fishing trip. That time is too valuable to be wasted.

SALVELINUS is proud that you have placed your confidence in us. Rest assured that each and every one of the persons in SALVELINUS in Spain, Chile and Argentina will be committed to helping you to your entire satisfaction throughout your fishing trip.

“Enjoy the friendly atmosphere in Patagonia”

Guias de pesca en PatagoniaEvery single detail on a fishing trip is important: the time of year when you travel, the accommodation, vehicles, meals, flights, attention to the guest and the non –angling guest before the trip but, perhaps, what really makes a difference to any fishing trip is how good the guides are who are going to accompany you throughout your stay in Patagonia.

In good hands

It goes without saying that the guides selected by SALVELINUS are experts in the areas they work in. However, what is just as important is that we have carefully selected from the many guides we know in Chile and Argentina those who are not only excellent professionals but also friendly, attentive and wholeheartedly devoted to making sure our guest enjoys his stay in Patagonia.