Cabins for anglers

Cabins located just located close to the hot fishing spots

Would you like to sleep in a cabin just located close to the hottest fishing spots?

Fishing cabins in Patagonia

Cabañas en los puntos calientes de pesca

Fly Fishing Trout and Salmon from cabins in Patagonia

In order to fish some of the most remote areas in Patagonia or just to avoid extremely long trips from lodges we recommend waterside cabins.

Trips and expeditions to cabins in Patagonia

The cabins where we stay on our fishing trips and expeditions cover two types:

Basic Cabins

Often the only accommodation available and used on some expeditions. They are provided with:

  • Single or double bedrooms
  • Bath 
  • Hot water 
  • An area for social interaction

Cabañas de pesca en Patagonia

Fishing cabins. We refer to cabins specially built with anglers in mind. Amenities are very similar to those to be found in most lodges. They are basically smaller and somewhat simple. They are provided with:

  • Single or double bedrooms
  • Baths with hot water
  • Electricity 
  • Heating 
  • Dining room - lounge
  • Kitchen service
  • Cleaning service