Deluxe lodges

Deluxe lodges in Patagonia: Chile & Argentina

Would you like to enjoy a fishing trip with all the amenities?

Deluxe lodges in Chile and Argentina

Fishing for trout and salmon from deluxe lodges in Patagonia: Chile and Argentina.

Many anglers want to live a fishing adventure surrounded by the maximum of amenities. With this in mind we can offer a selection of deluxe lodges with a choice array of special services, installations and infrastructure.

Lodges de lujo en Patagonia

Fishing lodges where the superior quality of the rooms, baths, kitchen facilities and all the other installations provide the best experience possible in the area.

Special attention is paid to the cuisine in these deluxe lodges and is one of the key factors along with the comfort and general level of facilities SALVELINUS considers when selecting these lodges..

Direct or very quick access to fishing hotspots is another feature taken into account when choosing these lodges.

Lodges de pesca de lujo en Chile y ArgentinaA deluxe lodge is only classified as such if it has - as an absolute minimum:

  • Ample bedrooms with large beds and private bath
  • Located next to the main fishing location
  • Excellent views from the lodge and from individual rooms
  • Gourmet meals.
  • Premium wines served with meals
  • Bar service before and after dinner
  • Telephones and Internet.
  • Comfortable lounge area

Do not hesitate to contact SALVELINUS for additional information concerning itineraries in those deluxe lodges that figure in our programs.