Fishing in Patagonia with Salvelinus

What fishing in Patagonia is like with Salvelinus

I feel I must underline your knowledge of the locations you offer and of the people involved in each operation. That is what makes a difference that is more than welcome

Patricio Guerra (Staff Rios y Senderos, Chile)

Fishing in Patagonia

Pescar truchas y salmones en la Patagonia

Fishing for trout and salmon in Patagonia: Chile and Argentina

Are you looking for guarantees for your fishing trip to Patagonia?

SALVELINUS offers selected fishing adventures in Patagonia and because we personally visit and approve each location, we guarantee the quality of your fishing experience. SALVELINUS travels each fishing season in Argentina and Chile looking for new:

  • Areas 
  • Accommodation
  • Guides
  • New, unfished, pristine rivers and lakes for a once in a lifetime trip 



Pescar truchas y salmones en Chile y Argentina

Specialists in fly fishing in Patagonia

SALVELINUS specializes in Patagonia and we have studied and analysed all the available possibilities, recommending only the best options to match what you are looking for.

SALVELINUS could offer a worldwide selection of fishing destinations just a click away on your computer but our mission is not to sell as many fishing destinations as possible.

Our mission in PATAGONIA is to create a trip that will match your desires and expectations down to the smallest details.