Alberto Bozal Fly Fishing Guide

Thecornerstone of the SALVELINUS Team

I am once again very grateful you have helped me enjoying fly-fishing, specially to my guide, Alberto, who wastes patience unravelling what I tangle, unhooking what I hook and changing flies constantly looking for the best results. Always attentive and professional, he made me feel very comfortable in his company

Ignacio Gallastegui (Madrid, España)

Alberto Bozal

Alberto´s special field of expertise covers scores of Pyrenean canyons and their trout waters.

Born in Saragossa in 1971, he started fishing from an early age. He discovered fly fishing in 1988 through the first association of fly fishers to be set up in Aragon.

Alberto Bozal, guía de pescaAlberto took part in many angling tournaments before deciding that there was more to fly fishing than competitions.

Nature lover that he is, he has personally covered the greater part of the Pyrenees on foot. He really enjoys finding those out of the way remote fishing areas. Places where it is rare indeed to see another fisherman during the entire day.

Alberto Bozal, guía de pescaHe is an expert in guiding anglers to the remotest and sometimes most demanding waters in search of trophy trout.

A SALVELINUS guide since 2001 and,  a fundamental point of reference for the entire staff.