Fishing destinations

Would you like to fish waters out of the reach of others?

Choosing the best of each river for your enjoyment is what the team does every day

Iván Tarín (Huesca, España)

Fly fishing destinations

Viajes de pesca a los Pirineos

Fly – fishing trips in the PYRENEES of Spain

The fishing spots that only SALVELINUS knows have enabled the company to build up a wide range of fishing destinations.

Each trip is adapted to what you – the angler – wants. SALVELINUS has been organizing fishing trips for a very long time, guides know all the fly – fishing possibilities of all the fishable waters from big, medium – sized and small rivers, fast waters, slower waters, easy wading or extreme fishing in the PYRENEES

Fly – fishing trips to PATAGONIA

SALVELINUS specializes in fly – fishing trips to PATAGONIA. The company has studied Patagonia´s fishing resources and can draw up personalized fishing trips.

Viajes de pesca a la Patagonia

Nowadays when choosing a fishing destination anywhere in the world is just a question of clicking on the computer screen, the company´s approach is not to market as many destinations as possible but to concentrate on a few destinations chosen for the quality of the fishing.

There is no need to worry, with SALVELINUS you are in good hands. The company works in partnership with those guides who have shown themselves to be professionals, friendly and attentive and above all eager to make sure you enjoy your stay in PATAGONIA

SALVELINUS covers the PATAGONIA of both Chile and Argentina with a wide range of camps and lodges.