A good fly fishing guide

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…Never have I fished before with such expert, hard – working and enthusiastic guides such as the SALVELINUS guides

The Angling Report (Miami, USA)

A good fly fishing guide

The first thing a guide has to do is to make sure the angler being guided is constantly motivated. Obviously, that means catching fish, however, if the conditions of the water aren´t helping, the guide must change plans and do his utmost to find those conditions which best adapt to the angler´s preferences and to the prevailing weather conditions.

Instructores de pescaIf the guide is limited to a certain stretch of water this doesn´t restrict possibilities if he is aware of what the network of waters can offer and so plan ahead and achieve successful day´s fishing.

If the visiting angler wants to hone certain skills whilst fishing, then he or she only has to ask. On the other hand if all the angler requires is to be shown where and what flies to use then our guides will do just that, allowing the visiting angler to do it his or her way.

 “ Know what each angler wants - and then taking into account both the circumstances and the stretch of water to be fished – adapt the day´s program accordingly”

Guías de pesca en los PirineosIn SALVELINUS we believe that being a good guide means more than catching half a dozen trout where others have failed. We also believe that a being a good guide requires more than being able to lead an angler to stretches of water full of trout without taking into account the personal circumstances and technical limitations of the angler being guided. 

A good fly – fishing guide knows how to work with anglers, how to identify their hopes, requirements, preferences and their limits. As a result the guide will direct, instruct and accompany the visiting angler as best as possible, always bearing in mind what the angler wants to do. 

There are an almost limitless number of reasons why anglers use a guided service. Some of the reasons are:

  • Fish new areas
  • Exclusive access to and fishing in selected waters.
  • high catch rate.
  • Widen one´s knowledge of certain angling techniques
  • Catch a trophy fish in every session of fishing.