Lago Perdido

Expedition on Horseback to Lake Perdido

  • Fishing Expedition to Patagonia
  • Horseback Expedition  Lago Perdido
  • Horseback Expedition  Lago Perdido
  • Fishing fish seen
  • Fishing trip to Patagonia
  • Fishing in Patagonia
  • Horseback Expedition lago perdido
  • Fishing trip to Patagonia
  • Fishing at lago Perdido

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Fishing Expedition to PatagoniaHorseback Expedition  Lago PerdidoHorseback Expedition  Lago PerdidoFishing fish seenFishing trip to PatagoniaFishing in PatagoniaHorseback Expedition lago perdidoFishing trip to PatagoniaFishing at lago Perdido
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A unique expedition

Imagine a shallow lake with depths that range from 1·5 to 6 feet.  Imagine crystal clear waters home to constantly roaming trout that measure from 16 to 35 inches

Although it is hard to imagine a lake like that, there is at least one in the middle of Patagonia. It is accessed only on horseback. Very few people have ever been there

Seeking out remote unspoilt fishing destinations is what Iván Tarín has been doing ever since he started fishing. He has invested a lot of time in Patagonia and although many people believe locating superb fishing spots is child´s play, finding a special place like Lake Perdido is far from easy. Perdido, by the way, means “lost”

This is a unique expedition not only because of the sheer quality of the fish caught but also because of where the lake is situated and the fishing techniques to be used.