About Salvelinus

Organising fly – fishing trips since 1999

SALVELINUS is an exceptional organization in Spain. I have spent more than 35 years fly – fishing and for the first time my hosts really understood me in what was new for me: Alto Aragón.  

Lorenzo Milá (Madrid, Spain)

Salvelinus, fishing trips

SALVELINUS has organized fly – fishing trips in the PYRENEES of Spain since 1999 with the same enthusiasm from the very first day. The team´s know – how and hospitality can be seen in the reviews of those anglers who have fished with SALVELINUS guides.


Salvelinus, guías de pescaThe teamwork carried out by this long established company is as follows:

  • Look for new waters.
  • Evaluate fishing possibilities of those new waters.
  • Pool all the data with the team of fly fishing guides
  • Intense preparation in different aspects
  • Organize fly – fishing trips to the different areas.

And, last but not least, in this intensely interesting work, guide those anglers who have entrusted their free time to SALVELINUS

IvánTarín and his team of guides

The SALVELINUS team of highly professional fly fishing guides work actively directed by Iván Tarín, the head guide. Most of the year is spent on the banks of fly – fishing waters so that the anglers who fish with SALVELINUS catch more, eat well, relax and spend a few carefree days fly – fishing.

When you fish with SALVELINUS you will feel at ease because the guides are true professionals, friendly but always courteous with all the anglers they guide


Iván Tarín started fishing in the PYRENEES of Spain back in 1986 and began as a professional in 1992 selling his hand tied flies to fishing outlets in the region.  

Iván started to guide in 1995 and decided to become a full time guide in 1999

Salvelinus, viajes de pesca a mosca

The other guides in his team have a long history of guiding and instructing

  “Ramón Leciñena is probably the guide with the longest experience of guiding in the PYRENEES”

Ramón started fishing in the Pyrenees back in 1962 and now has over 30 years experience as a guide.

You can be sure that on your guided trips with SALVELINUS you will always be taken to waters with a lot of trout!

“Alberto is the cornerstone of the SALVELINUS team”

Alberto, believed in SALVELINUS from the very start and has always been an essential figure both as a guide – instructor and as the logistics organizer; he makes sure everything runs smoothly.


Over the last few years SALVELINUS has gained an excellent reputation for the quality of their trips and guides amongst anglers and professional organisations all over the world

 “Choosing the best of each river for your enjoyment is what the team does every day”

The team´s attention to detail and their striving for perfection helps all those who fish with SALVELINUS to feel more than happy.