• Fly-fishing

    Great people

    Unspoilt habitats


    “SALVELINUS is an exceptional organisation in Spain. I have been an angler for 35 years and have never felt this affinity before”

  • Tours and fishing lodges

    Experience and a professional approach

    Guiding experience

    Tours and fishing lodges

    “After having fished with guides from all over Spain, I can confirm that fly – fishing with SALVELINUS, thanks to their experience and professional approach, is always a great pleasure.”

  • Rivers teeming with trout

    New experiences

    Patagonia letter

    Rivers teeming with trout

    Each time a new experience...
    Nature, adventure, challenges fly-fishing and good company

  • SALVELINUS, guides you can trust

    Team work

    Director´s letter

    SALVELINUS, guides you can trust

    We like to know what is happening in each stretch of river. Choosing the best for you is what we do each and every day.

  • Exclusive fly-fishing trips


    Fly-fishing with Iván Tarín

    Exclusive fly-fishing trips

    “That top quality experience is now for me the standard by which I will judge all my future fly – fishing trips”

  • Extreme fishing

    Extreme fishing

    Incredible places

    Fly-fishing tours and adventures

    Fish with SALVELINUS in places where others have never been.

  • Fly-fishing  and tourism trips

    Great hosts

    Perfect holidays

    Fly-fishing and tourism trips

    "From the excellent fishing to the delicious meals SALVELINUS makes the Pyrenees a marvellous destination”

  • Fishing lodges in Spain

    Enchanting lodges

    Fishing lodge

    Fly fishing in the Pyrenees of Spain

    Enjoy your fly – fishing from start to finish.

  • Fishing trip to Lapland

    Fly-fishing in Swedish Lapland

    Fishing trip to Lapland

    Enjoy fly fishing in the Land of a Thousand Lakes under the midnight sun accompanied by expert local guides.

  • Fly-fishing trip to Mongolia

    Fly-fishing in Mongolia

    Fly-fishing trip to Mongolia

    Come fly -  fishing in the world´s first  fishing reserve for Taimen.

  • Fly-fishing trip to Cuba

    Fly-fishing in Cuba


    Fly-fishing trip to Cuba

    Fly fishing for tarpon, permit and bonefish in 2 of the world´s best saltwater fly – fishing destinations.

  • Fly-fishing trip to Chile

    Fly-fishing in Lago Perdido

    On horseback

    Fly-fishing trip to Chile

    Imagine a lake of crystal clear waters with trout from 20 to 36 inches long  roving about just under the surface.

  • Stalking trout

    Stalking trout

    Letters from anglers

    Fishing experiences

    “Rivers and their inhabitants were made for the contemplation of the wise and for  fools to ignore.”

  • Fly-fishing destinations



    Fly-fishing destinations

    Use your skills and craft to catch a trout and your intelligence to know what to do with it.

  • Fly-fishing trips and adventures

    Experts and enthusiasts

    A good guide

    Fly-fishing trips and adventures

    “...I have never fished before with such expert guides, so hard working and enthusiastic about their job...”

  • Fly-fishing specialists



    Fly-fishing specialists

    “The variety of waters and species plus a deep working knowledge of the habitat are the reasons for the success of SALVELINUS”

  • Fly-fishing in faraway places



    Fly-fishing in faraway places

    “...the philosophy of SALVELINUS is based on the search for clean wild waters and unspoilt habitats”

  • Fly-fishing tours

    Catch more fish

    Online publications

    Fly-fishing tours

    Entrust your angling time to SALVELINUS. You will catch more fish and have a great time!

  • Fly-fishing trips

    Great friends

    Feel at home

    Fly-fishing trips

    Book a fishing experience with us and return as a friend!

  • A passion for fly-fishing

    A passion for fly-fishing

    Tracking down the quarry


    A passion for fly-fishing from start to finish.

  • Fly-fishing trips and nature

    Maximise your time

    SALVELINUS on tv

    Fly-fishing trips and nature

    If you go fly-fishing with SALVELINUS you can be sure you will be in the right place at the right time.

  • Expert fly-fishing guides

    Made to measure

    Fly-fishing destinations

    Expert fly-fishing guides

    Each fly - fishing place is chosen according to what you want. “You enquire and we will recommend”

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