Non angler activities in the Pyrenees

A perfect fishing destination for angler and non-angling partners

Amy and I had a great time with you. She keeps talking about her adventures with big smiles on her face. EXCELLENT activities and evening rituals! …Qué perfecto, amigo!

Rob Davidson (California, USA)

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  • Tourism for non-angler partners

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Tourism in the PyreneesTourism for non-anglersTourism and fly-fishing in the PyreneesGastronomy in the PyreneesTrips in the PyreneesZaragoza, tourism in AragónTourism programs for non-angler partnersNatural Parks in the PyreneesTourism for non-angler partners
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The Pyrenees is a great place for fishing but also for those non-fishing partners who accompany the angler.

Quite a few fishing destinations are so remote that once there, a guest´s non-fishing companion is limited to just observing nature.

However, an angler can fish in the Pyrenees, safe in the knowledge that his non-fishing partner has many alternative activities to choose from. Some of the most outstanding are: visiting churches, castles and monasteries, excursions in off–road vehicles, and sampling the products from local wineries and tapas bars.